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A decade of reclaiming open spaces

We are passionate about designing outdoor lifestyles. But after ten years in this business, a lot has changed in terms of the technology and tools we use. The artificial grass has become more realistic, the resin we lay has become even tougher – yet despite these changes, our approach to every project remains the same…

We begin and end with you.

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We find out about your outdoor lifestyle and, more to the point, the ways in which you want to use your outdoor spaces.

Do you entertain outdoors, or would you like to cook in your garden?


Would you like to enjoy your garden with your family, children and pets?


How would you define your outdoor leisure time, if you could?

Artificial Grass

By starting with these questions, we can design the best possible solution for reclaiming an open space that may have been lost to overgrowth or impracticality (as well as reclaiming your lost time, spent on driveway maintenance and mowing).

Our client promises…