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Based in Norfolk, we cover the entirety of East Anglia - spanning Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

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Resin Bound Gravel

Our experts are happy to come to you for a consultation – and we can even bring samples with us so you can see and feel the lushness of our artificial grass, and the way our resin surfaces balance aesthetics with durability.

East Anglia – changing weather conditions

The climate in East Anglia has for many years, until recently, been predominantly mild and dry, however recent extreme weather conditions, including heavy downpours of rain. These prolonged periods of cold winter weather and extreme heat in the summer, look set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Artifical Grass doesn't need watering


Artificial grass has excellent drainage capabilities - no more puddles


Artificial Grass isn't damaged by snow or cold weather


As any gardener knows, protracted periods of hot or cold weather can play havoc with a lawn, plus heavy rainstorms can leave lingering pools of water on the grass, which then lead to muddy, slippery areas, when they eventually start to dry out. These make the garden difficult to enjoy, even when the storms are long-gone. Artificial grass has excellent drainage capabilities, meaning an end to puddles and soggy areas in your garden. In addition, artificial grass is unaffected by extremes of hot or cold weather, so no matter how much snow, frost or drought we experience here in East Anglia, you won’t have bare patches of damaged grass in your lawn.

For your peace of mind, all of our artificial grass products are covered by an extensive 8-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Resin bound surfaces can withstand extremes of weather

Grass lawn

Resin bound surfaces restrict weed growth


Resin creates a permeable surface for more efficient water drainage

Resin Drives

Extremes in temperature will often damage the surfaces of driveways and pathways, leading to cracking, which then are vulnerable further damage caused by water entering these cracks. Resin bound surfaces are not susceptible to the stresses caused by punishing extremes of hot or cold weather. The resin also creates a permeable surface for more efficient water drainage and at the same time, restricts weed growth.

For a friendly chat about how we can help your open spaces better cope with the winters and summers in East Anglia, please get in touch.