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Artificial Grass Maintenance and Care

It’s important to take care of your artificial lawn, here’s some simple tips to ensure your outdoor spaces appear to their fullest potential.

  • Leaves and other garden debris should be cleared before it rots and sinks into the artificial grass pile. As well as spoiling the look, failure to do so will make the surface harder to clean, will encourage moss growth and will restrict the drainage capability. The cheapest way to clear leaves is to use a plastic rake to gather up the debris for disposal in to green waste bins. Where a lot of debris is expected then electric blower vacuums can be purchased or the most powerful option for larger gardens is to use a petrol blower. Domestic vacuum cleaners can be used but these must not have spinning brushes in the cleaning head.
  • Use a medium broom or blower to fluff up the pile. Periodicity will depend on the type of usage
  • Hose down the artificial lawn periodically dependant on usage
  • It is possible for weeds to grow between the pressure treated timber frame where the weed membrane ends and edges such as decking, fencing and walls etc. If weeds do appear then pull them out and treat the area with a water based weed killer. Check first if the treatment is ready to use or needs diluting.
  • Birds or the wind can drop seedlings withi artificial lawn surface. These can germinate and grow giving the appearance that grass has grown up through the weed membrane and artificial grass but this is not the case. Simply pick up the blades of grass and dispose of them.

Remove any pet or animal mess and use a water based disinfectant on the affected area then rinse through with water.

We have ten years’ experience as artificial grass installers across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire, and are experts at making sure your artificial lawn and outdoor artificial spaces look their best.

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