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From answering your burning questions about fake grass, to providing tips and techniques for maximising even the smallest of spaces, here you’ll discover the most insightful of advice.

Easy Gardening for the Elderly

4th February 2019

As a person grows older and their needs change, a garden should be adapted to accommodate them.

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Climate Change Makes Artificial Grass The Best Option

28th January 2019

Why climate change is likely to see a rise in artificial grass as prolonged dry spells and shorter, heavier rainfalls make maintaining real grass more difficult.

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School Children Enjoy Clean Playtime Every Day

18th January 2019

A school playground has received a much-needed facelift with the installation of some artificial grass to play on which have transformed the outdoor area.

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Ground Force Say It’s Time To Ditch The Decking

10th January 2019

Garden decking has fallen out of favour, but artificial grass could offer an attractive and low maintenance alternative.

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Artificial Grass Maintenance and Care

19th September 2018

Artificial lawns are low maintenance, not no maintenance. Certain care is required to ensure that the warranty remains valid and that your lawn looks its best.

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