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From landscaping to installing hard-wearing, beautiful artificial grass and resin bound surfaces for homes, to more complex projects for schools and nurseries (and even a houseboat!) here’s a selection of some of our recent work.

Artificial Grass Installation for three generations to enjoy


Not surprisingly a lot of the work we do at Your Outdoor Spaces is for families with young children and pets, where a clean and easy 365 play space is the priority for busy parents. But of course, there also are the grandparents and great grandparents. These generations often take immense pride in their gardens and have spent many years tending them into beautiful spaces. There comes a time when maintaining the lawn etc. becomes a little too much particularly after a visit from the grandchildren!
One such case was for grandparents whose large lawn was requiring too much physical effort to keep in pristine condition. This was such a shame as the lawn was edged in curved lines which always add to the character of a garden. In addition, the wide paved areas with potted plants and well maintained borders all lent themselves to what should have been a stunning space, but was being let down by a tired and faded lawn. Having spoken to some friends who had artificial grass installed, the couple called us in for a survey


On arrival, the couple told us they were a little apprehensive as it can be a big decision for such traditional gardeners to make the move to an artificial surface. On seeing the curves of the lawn, we knew that this was a garden that would really suit artificial grass, as the combination works so well. We showed the couple photos of previous installations on curved lawns and they could immediately see how the fresh consistent shades of our range against their edging stones would bring their garden back to life and with far lower maintenance.
With the expected neat and tidiness running around the side and front of their property the couple also looked for reassurances about the installation process and any mess that may be generated. At Your Outdoor Spaces we are very respectful of customers property. Where necessary we board and sheet access areas and work to a process and order to remove and dispose of old turf etc then quickly bring through base materials so that they are not left outside for an unnecessary amount of time. For most jobs including this one we do not require a skip which was a relief in itself for the couple.

We arranged and met the installation date, and all went to the plan as we discussed with the couple. The result was stunning, and the couple could not quite believe the transformation and just how beautiful the combination of curve and artificial grass worked together. They now have a garden that meets all of their needs whether pottering around, enjoying a glass on the patio or watching the grandchildren play for hours on end

Something a little different!


The other logistical challenge was that there was nowhere nearby to park our vehicles, with the closest available parking being a quarter of a mile away, so we knew that transporting tools and materials to the boat, would be challenging.

We then found that the mum-to-be was due to give birth very soon and we were already very busy. Not only that, but the couple did not have a permanent mooring so could only stay in one place for a few weeks, move on then not return for three months. Despite the parking issues, it became apparent that this location was our best shot at getting the installation done so we found a slot and went for it. It turned out that the day we chose was one of the hottest of the summer which made the long haul from the vehicles even harder before we had even started the installation. But Your Open Spaces never shirks a challenge and we ensured that we delivered to our expected high standards. The boat looked stunning, the couple were delighted, they had their baby a few days later and sailed off into the sunset. We often wonder what other boat-owners think when they sail past such a visual feast of colour and design, topped off with vibrant green artificial grass. It just goes to show, that it really doesn’t matter what your outdoor space is, it can be transformed into something truly amazing!

Resin Bound Driveways & Garden Paths


It is no surprise that resin bound is becoming so popular as home owners realise what a flexible product it is. Resin bound has rare qualities in that it has the strength required for cars on driveways but with a range of colours to give a stunning finish. Not only that but this same finish can be extended to pathways and patios thus giving a super smart and consistent look to a property. Being a level surface with a non-slip additive resin bound also eliminates some of the trip hazards found with old paved patios and paths. All these elements were very much in the thinking of the customer in this case study who called us in for a survey
The front off road parking area was a tired old surface with an overgrown raised flower bed in the front corner which restricted the number of cars that could be parked. In a road with so many dropped kerbs parking close to the house was difficult for the customer and with very young children to get in and out utilising off street space was very important from a safety perspective.


The safety issue continued to the rear of the house, where the path from the back door to the patio was old crazy paving, as was the patio itself. The paving across the entire area was starting to break up, leading to trip hazards made more hazardous due to it being raised from the garden. The steps down to the lawn and the side path were also failing, so something clearly needed to be done.


With the customer opting for a smart grey resin with a darker band for the parking area we set about removing the raised bed, installing ACO drains and preparing the area for its new surface. At the back of the house we removed the loose slabs, rebuilt the step from the back door and those down to the garden then edged them off with some rustic sleepers. The resin was applied throughout giving a nice safe even surface even on the access covers where we used recessed units infilled with the resin. As this was a full garden renovation we also installed new fences and artificial grass providing the customer with a beautiful and safe space for his family as well as a larger off street parking area.

Springhallow School, Ealing

Phase 1


At the beginning of August 2016, Your Open Spaces took a desperate call from Springhallow School. The school was a brand new facility for children with autism aged 4-16 and was due to open at the beginning of September. Among the many requirements to create a happy, safe and fun environment was a large artificial grass surface. This along with the other works was being project managed and all seemed to be going to plan until the penny dropped that the artificial grass company engaged for this work only supplied artificial grass and did not install it. Understandable panic set in with the school ringing every company they could without success – until they called Your Open Spaces.

As with any landscape company at that time of year the order book was full, but we really did want to help. Your Open Spaces went to the school next day to survey the area and then got to work on ensuring we could take this on and complete in time for the opening launch of the school. So, with the aid of a couple of understanding customers who moved dates and some additional workforce we committed to delivering for Springhallow and we made it. It looked fantastic and we could see the difference it would make to the children.

Phase 2


It transpired that the works undertaken above was Phase 1 of such works at the school and the following year Your Open Spaces was invited to deliver Phase 2, to create another artificial grass space but this time with a sunken ground level trampoline. This area was a lot trickier as the ground sloped towards a fence and needed a great deal of build-up. Your Open Spaces constructed a strong resilient frame to retain the groundworks, infilled with hard core, type 1 and base material and installed the trampoline, weed membrane and artificial grass. New fencing was installed in front of the railings along the back to ensure that the perimeter was safe for the children.

Springhallow School has been one of the most satisfying projects we have worked on and we feel extremely proud of what we achieved. It is a great feeling knowing that we pulled the stops out for children who really needed a helping hand