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School Children Enjoy Clean Playtime Every Day

Artificial Grass Provides Lease Of Life For School Playground

A school playground has received a much-needed facelift with the installation of some artificial grass to play on which have transformed the outdoor area.

Artificial Grass

The school chose to install 250 square metres of artificial grass. They have also included our expertly designed rubber resin surface area of 120 square metres which replaces a worn-looking bark chip section. The children are reportedly big fans of the new look. Alison Jackson who works as a Student Support Officer at the school explains “The children love it. They keep lying down on the artificial grass and they even had an open morning to share it with their parents.”

Beyond The School Playing Field

Although artificial grass is synonymous with “astroturf” football pitches and all-weather playing fields, it is not just schools and sports clubs that are appreciating the benefits of this artificial material. Homeowners across the country are realising the advantages of installing artificial grass in their own gardens. Those with children will be well acquainted with the mess that can be created when children are let loose on the lawn. Areas around the mouth of a goal, at the bottom of a slide and surrounding a children’s playhouse can all become quickly worn down. Where the turf runs thin, you’ll be left with a dry and dusty ground in summer and an absolute mud slide when the downpours of other seasons hit your garden.

Benefits Of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is an inexpensive way to refresh the aesthetic appeal of your garden. Once installed, you can claim back your weekends, as you’ll no longer have to spend time mowing and caring for your lawn. However, best of all is the impact on your family life.
Your children will be able to play outside on artificial grass for hours without creating a trail of mud from the back door to the loo or the biscuit cupboard, whenever they pop in and out. Even after a heavy storm, your kids can be back out playing on the artificial grass very soon afterwards, as the clever drainage holes in the base of the material allow rainwater to flow away, creating a dry top surface to enjoy.
You can even rest assured that your little ones are less likely to hurt themselves when playing on an artificial lawn. The soft base means that any falls that do occur tend to provide cushioning – and for those that do end up face down, you don’t need to worry about them being in contact with the pesticides and chemicals that might be found on an authentic grass lawn.

If artificial grass sounds like it could be the solution to the ongoing battles with your garden, then get a quote today! With over ten years’ experience as artificial grass installers across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire; our experts can advise you on the best options for your garden.